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Our unique, lovely 'Gifts for Gardeners' products -- the Perpetual Gardening Record Book and our Gardening Note Cards -- are fantastic gifts for any level of gardener or backyard farmer. They are a wonderful fit as a fundraiser for any group, school or organization, because everyone knows someone who is growing their own food, or simply enjoys the nature in their own backyard.

Our products are also easy on the logistical side of fundraising, as our products are non-perishable, easy to store and have no shelf-life.

How it works:

- If you are conducting a Fall Fundraising effort and would like your products delivered to you before Christmas, we must receive your order 3 weeks prior to your delivery time. You must let us know your exact deadline.

- We encourage your organization to order your brochures/order forms as soon as possible, giving you more selling time before your deadline. Just let us know how many people will be selling, and we will send you that many brochure/order forms.

- You place one order with us. Your customers write their checks to YOUR ORGANIZATION, not us. You cut us one check, made payable to CABINTIGER STUDIO, INC.

For more information on pricing, etc., please e-mail Lauren Graves: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working with your organization!